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Two Yahrzeits: My great-grandfathers

Today was the yahrzeit of my maternal grandfather's father, Max Bissinger.

Tomorrow is the yahrzeit of my paternal grandather's father, Barnett Greene.

It is interesting to compare their lives.

Max Bissinger

Barnett Greene

Both moved to improve their lot in life.

Barnett and his wife Ida moved from "Russia" (what I think is actually present-day Latvia, near Dvinsk) to Boston and then New York. Once here, they had children and brought over some of the rest of their families.

"Bernard Green" at 21 Fleet St., from the 1891 Boston tax rolls.

Max and his wife Jette had four children and then moved from Ichenhausen, a medium-sized town in Bavaria, to Munich.

Bissinger family move to Munich, from the Ichenhausen town register.

Both of my grandfathers were the youngest, by far, of their siblings.

Abe Greene was the 14th child, and the ninth to reach adulthood, with a 19-year gap between his eldest brother and himself. Louis Bissinger was the fourth child, with a 17-year gap between his eldest sibling and himself -- but also an 11-year gap with his next-oldest sibling.

Their careers were upper-middle-class German vs. pull-yourself-up blue-collar Russian Jewish immigrant

Max was a shopkeeper, selling wine, cigars, and such.

Barnett was a cutter, then a tailor, then moved into the construction/demolition/real-estate business when his three eldest children (Simon, Gerson, and Dora) went into that line.

Both of my grandfathers lost both of their parents at relatively young ages (not surprising, I suppose, given that they were both born late in their parents' lives.)

Barnett Greene died on 22 Feb 1917, when my grandfather was 11 years old; Ida died two years later.

Abe Greene's aliyah card.

Barnett Greene's grave, Queens, NY.

Max Bissinger died on 10 Feb 1929, when my grandfather was 22, and Jette three years later.

Max Bissinger's grave, Munich.

May their memories be a blessing.
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