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Genealogy: Some happier tidbits for a change

It's important to remember that genealogy is not just about finding out when people died. The "family history" part is about understanding their lives. So this week, I want to blog some of the more smile-inducing things I've found lately in various newspaper archives.

From the New York Sun of 27 Dec 1946: My grandmother's sister and brother-in-law apparently sold pedigree puppies: (24 Patchen Ave. has become quite familiar an address for me.)

Remember Coleman Wertheim, my grandmother's first cousin? (I'm pretty convinced by now that the two Colemans are one and the same.) His daughters, Dorothy and Carolyn, sent in photos of them with their pets to the kids page of the Brooklyn Eagle, 7 Apr 1929

In June of that year, Dorothy wrote in about what she wanted to be:

Their mother, Eleanor, was profiled in the Brooklyn Eagle's home pages a decade later (17 Nov 1938). And apparently the cat and dog were still doing well after ten years:

Going further back, in 1870, in Germany, there was a listing in Der Israelit ("The Israelite", a weekly newspaper published in Mainz, that called itself "The Central Organ of Orthodox Judaism") of donors to a hunger relief fund being sent to the Holy Land:

[From] Hüttenheim: Jonas Friedmann [my grandmother's grandfather] via his brother Mendel, 9 fl[orins]

Finally, this headline from an article about my aunt and uncle's marriage:

(I'm not posting the article itself because of my policy of not publicly blogging information about living relatives.)
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