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Genealogy: The sad story of Chane Einhorn

I was recently experimenting with the advanced search options on the amazing (if idiosyncratic) site and stumbled on a sad newspaper article that mentioned my great-grandfather Solomon Allweiss. (Trigger warning: possible suicide.)

(The New York "Press", 3 July 1890)

Solomon's wife was Sarah (nee Einhorn -- she's the one with the contested will from 1948). Annie Einhorn would be Sarah's sister.

I can confirm the record via the Steve Morse/IGG site:

The next step is to look for her transit records. The aritcle indicates that she had arrived about 3 weeks prior to her death, and it's straightforward to find her departure from Hamburg (as "Chane") on the Taormina, departing 23 May 1890:

and her arrival in New York on 9 June:

Her town of origin is listed as Lancut, Austria, and it appears she may have been traveling with another young woman named Fanny Korn. Her age on the manifest is 18, although the newspaper report and the index to death records said she was 20.

Searching other newspapers, I found this from the 2 July 1890 NY "Evening Telegram":

and the 3 July 1890 NY "World":

and the 3 July 1890 NY "Herald":

I have sent away for a copy of her death certificate; I'm also looking into whether it is possible to find out if there was a coroner's report on the death.

I learn several things from this: Sarah had a younger sister Chane, who went by Annie; Sarah was not estranged from her family (remember that there was the whole elopement story); Sarah's sister, at least, came from Lancut, which is a town that had previously not been on my list of interesting places.
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