Andrew Greene (530nm330hz) wrote,
Andrew Greene

NYT spaghetti, day 2

Once again, today's NYT crossword puzzle lends itself to a game of Spaghetti.

First of all, notice in green that today's puzzle includes YOYO at 6-Down. And you all thought I was making it up yesterday, huh, but here we have YESTERDAY'S ANSWER IN TODAY'S PAPER. HA!

Directly opposite YOYO is NOON, at 55-Down, and slightly to the left of NOON is DATE. Is there a date somewhere in this puzzle? Oh, yes, there is:

ONE/23 is TODAY!

So clearly this meta is telling us to be prepared for an event at NOON TODAY. Perhaps we'll have to raid a meeting at location nine.... Or, if we're lucky, there will be PIES.
Tags: mystery hunt, spaghetti

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