Andrew Greene (530nm330hz) wrote,
Andrew Greene

With (scant) apologies to Tom Lehrer

[The the tune of the Gilbert and Sullivan verse from "Clementine"]

So the supercommittee's
A group that's not witty.
A blooper. Dow's skitty and shy.

Now, sequestering budget's
a festering kludge, it's
a mess, sir, in dudgeon say I!

Committee gets snitty,
Quotidian. Pity.
And Mitt, he goes on Fox TV.

When he says "Blame Obama"
This sham melodrama
Brings shame to the whole GOP.

(Yes! Yes! Yes!)

For I will pay,
And you will pay,
Endebted is the USA
Yes you are screwed
And screwed am I,
Inflation for eternit-y!

(See what I mean?)
Tags: parody, politics

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