Andrew Greene (530nm330hz) wrote,
Andrew Greene

Things I like

I sometimes gripe in this blog about things that frustrate me. For a change, here are some products that work as advertised:

Revereware pots and pans. We had a set of Revereware that was getting old, and we tried replacing one pan with a KitchenAid. I hated hated hated using it -- the Teflon wasn't as good, and the heat profile was uneven. We've now replaced them with new Revereware -- and added a griddle -- and I'm so much happier.

"Intak" water bottles (with a macron over the "a") by Thermos. They just work right --- good balance in the hand, no funny taste from the mouthpiece, no straw or other flow-limiter while you're drinking, but excellent seals so they don't leak when shut, and a latch and spring-loaded "open" button that can be manipluated single-handed but don't open accidentally. Of course they're BPA-free. I've always been frustrated with water bottles before; these just work.

Circleware "Theory" glasses. We'd broken enough of the glasses we got when we first got married that it was time to buy new ones, but we're both particular about the weight, feel, and mouth profile of our drinking classes. Not to mention the appearance. We found these at the Corning/Revere outlet (when we were buying the Revereware) and we love them, although Tani thinks they look too space-agey to go with our dishes.

My MSI Wind netbook. Usable keyboard, good battery life, and surprisingly it's powerful enough to use for real things and not just web surfing. (Not blindingly fast, but good enough to run Adobe Distiller, Finale, etc.) The trackpad is worse than most, and I dislike trackpads to begin with, but the Logitech Bluetooth mouse I bought solves that problem neatly.

The Logitech Wave keyboard. Hand problems went bye-bye, and unlike some of the other "ergonomic" keyboards out there, all the keys are the same size and in the correct position.

And in the software world, AutoHotKey continues to be a great saver of time and sanity; I've recently gotten into jQuery and am very impressed.

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