Andrew Greene (530nm330hz) wrote,
Andrew Greene


Due to various changes, I need to once again re-prioritize and re-schedule my big projects. Here's the new list:

1. Finish editing KabShab. This should take me another one or two nights of intensive work, and then a few days of touchup. New goal: Finish by Feb. 21. Once that's done, the new project will be producing a demo recording, which I hope to finish by June 1.

2. Next round of edits on my siddur. Realistically, this is going to take a month or so, and we're heading into the period of Pesach prep. I'll do what I can as I can, but I no longer think it's reasonable to assume this will be done before Pesach, so (alas) I'm going to push the deadline out to Apr. 30.

3. Resurrecting the Dafcast. Every few months I get a nice note about how useful the pages that are already there are, and I really should get back into it. I'm going to try to get back to doing two or three dapim a week, as an ongoing target along with everything else. I will try to finish up Megillah, but it would also be great to get the missing dapim from Pesachim, Chapter 10 done before Pesach. I also note that with the Daf Yomi starting Sanhedrin today, we've got Makkot coming up on June 6, and it would be awesome to have the 22 pages of Makkot translated (or, even better, turned into podcasts) before Daf Yomi gets there. (Anyone want to take on some of the translation?)
Tags: dafcast, kabbalat shabbat, life, siddur

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