December 30th, 2014


Fanny (Rabinowitz) Levine, my great-great-grandmother

In my previous entry, I wrote about the discovery of my gr-gr-grandmother's birth name. Since I don't have much else about her, I thought I should quickly summarize what I do know.

She appears in the 1905 NY census and the 1910 US census living with my great-grandparents, Barnett and Ida Green.

In 1905, Fannie is misidentified as the "mother" of the head-of-household. Her age is given as 68 (implies born 1837) and her arrival in the US was 5 years prior. The family lives at 15-17 Lewis St.

In 1910, Fanny is identified as "mother-in-law" of the head-of-household. Her age is given as 75 (implies born 1835); she is listed as married (not widowed) and the length of her present marriage is given as 50 years; she has had 9 children of whom 5 survive. (We know the identities of 2 of those children: Ida and Jennie.) No information is listed about Fannie's year of arrival. The family lives at 607 Water St.

I have not been able to find a passenger list entry for her. I have not been able to find a death certificate. She does not appear in the 1915 census record for Barnett and Ida. In searching the NYC marriage records, the only one in the index that lists Fanny and Joseph Levine as parents of the bride or groom is the one for Jennie.