March 3rd, 2013


Genealogy: A ton of raw data from Hüttenheim

This post is a followup to Friday's post, which includes the provenance of the records that I describe in excruciating detail below.

Last night, I copied all the possibly relevant records from the Hüttenheim file. For now, I'm just transcribing what I've got, with minimal analysis. My direct line ancestors lived in house 136 for most if not all of the time covered by these records, which made it somewhat easy to find them but may mean I missed some. There was also a family named Friedmann at house 80 who appear to have been Jonas's brother Mandel and his family.

To review the basics of what I know going in: My great-great-grandfather was Jonas Friedmann, who was married (I believe) to Babette Ermreuther from Ermreuth. Jonas's father appears to have been Moses Friedmann, and his mother's name looks like it began with a B.

These transcriptions are just a quick first pass, followed by another quick attempt to reconcile the different records with each other and to extract a provisional tree. But very productive for a quick pass.

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