February 24th, 2013


Purim Torah: Facebook

How do we know that Facebook is kosher? We can learn this from God and Moses.

As it is written (Ex. 33:11) "And God chatted with Moses face-to-face as one chats with a friend." Since God does not have a corporeal being, what does "face-to-face" mean? It must mean that God used "Face"-book "chat", and Moses was on God's "friends" list.

Furthermore, it is written (Ex. 32:32) "And Moses said to God: Delete me from your book." This "book" cannot refer to Torah, because Rambam wrote: "I believe with perfect faith that this Torah will not be changed." It is inconceivable that Moses would ask God to alter God's Torah. So what could Moses have been asking for?

From what kind of book does one delete another person? From the Facebook, and Moses was asking God to unfriend him.

Furthermore, how do we know that Torah is to be handed from person to person using Facebook? Because the Talmud (BT Taanit 7a) teaches "Rabbi Chanina b. Ida said, 'Why are words of Torah compared to water [mayim]?'" Do not read "mayim", but rather read "meme". Torah will only endure when it is taught by means of pictures of kittehs with cute misspellings.