June 20th, 2011


Phone plan update

So I've had my new phone for a little over a month now. Some relevant statistics:

Out-of-pocket costs:
Phone: $150 at Amazon.com, no contract, no early-cancellation fees.
Service: $100/year, from which all other costs are deducted

Details of what gets deducted from that $100/year:
Talking: 10c/minute
SMS send/receive: 20c/SMS
Data plan: $5/mo for 10MB (or I can pay $15/mo for 100MB if I need do; unused MB roll over)

My usage in the first month:
2.8MB data
22 minutes

Unexpected charges:
* 75c/month "911 fee", deducted from my balance
* per-minute charges for call forwarding (I'm using Google Voice for voice mail; I included that in the 22 minutes above.)

At this rate, I should come in at just about that $100/year. I'm happy about that.