May 15th, 2011


Dinner win

Tonight, Tani and I made Heather a special dinner while she was out taking a Massachusetts teacher licensing test. We experimented with some new recipes, which worked out great. Partly these were things I've wanted for a while to try making; they're inspired by some of our favorite dishes at Sushi Metsuyan in Queens.

The appetizer was chicken wings with a Jamaican Jerk rub, based on the one in Bittman's HTCE. (We added just enough olive oil to turn it into a paste.) It was a little hot for the kids, but they asked for seconds anyway.

The main course was chicken thighs with a Malaysian sambal sauce. I started with this recipe but cubed instead of minced the tomatoes. And next time, I'll split the recipe in two halves and make one with almost no red pepper flakes for the kids. (Although, again, they asked for seconds with the sauce scraped off; so they liked the taste, it was just the heat that was a bit too intense.) It rocked, although only now, a half hour later, can I feel my lips again.

The sides were simple: a carrot tzimmis and long-grain rice with rosemary. Something to calm down the palate.

I would definitely make this meal again. And Tani was awesome --- he helped plan the menu, he made the jerk rub with my help, and he helped make the sambal and the tzimmis.

Sorry, no pictures. We ate it all.