April 24th, 2011


Fifteen Aliens (music by Sandra Boynton)

To the tune of Sandra Boynton's "Fifteen Animals" (on the album Philadelphia Chickens)

I really like aliens, I like 'em a lot
Fifteen aliens is what I've got.
I've got fifteen aliens, some fiercesome, some tame,
And I've given each one a special name:

I've got an Ood named Bob,
A Slitheen named Bob,
Cybermen named Bob and Bob.
Then there's Bob my Dalek,
And Bob the Blob,
And my Sycorax, known, of course, as Bob.

There's Dad of Mine Bob,
His wife, Mother Mine Bob,
And their kids, Bob, Bob, and Bob.
There's Bob the Hath
And Bob the Voord,
And this human ---
He's named Canton Everett Del'ware the Third.

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