April 20th, 2011


Quick Pesach report

Seders were good. Kids were really into it; they asked some good hard questions and also stepped up their Hebrew reading this year. Timing worked out well; both nights we started around 8:15, were eating by 9:30, done by 11:30, and in bed around midnight. It was a disappointment not to have my parents join us, as we had originally planned, but c'est la vie.

I davened Tal and it went well. It's an honor to be asked regularly to do this, and I got lots of nice feedback afterwards. Since we still don't have our own room, the early service is still trying to fit everything in to 105 minutes (so we can be out of there in time for the late service). That's tight but doable; what I'm particularly proud of this year was that I was able to keep pretty much on schedule without compromising on either the use of the ancient melodies or the use of contemporary congregational sing-along tunes.

T's birthday went well. One of his best friends (and the friend's family) was spending Pesach with his grandparents a few blocks from our house, so we were able to have them over for lunch yesterday. H made a wonderful flourless chocolate mousse birthday cake; it was in two layers with raspberry jam between them so I called it a Pesacher Torte. :-)