April 5th, 2011


Thinking of changing hosting services

I've been at 1and1 for several years, and am mostly happy with them (in addition to my own sites, I use them for my synagogue's site and for sites for some friends). But I want to get more into django, and 1and1 doesn't support django. So I'm looking into alternatives.

For my web server, I do NOT want a VPS; I don't need the headache of being responsible for security and backup. (I do use VPSlink for my email server, and I'm very pleased with them, but somehow a web server feels like it's more vulnerable. Am I wrong?) A little Googling turns up WebFaction.com as a likely choice; it's not that much more expensive than 1and1 and seems to say all the right things on their site. DreamHost.com also looks promising, although slightly more expensive (on an annualized basis; on the other hand, they offer free service to 501(c)(3)s, so the shul site would probably be free there).

Anyone have experiences with either of these or with any other hosting services that you'd like to share? Thanks!