March 20th, 2011


Our Purim Seudah (Feast)

This year, we decided to have a small Purim Seudah with a few friends at home, and with the food all having a Persian theme (to tie it in to the holiday). Aside from a couple of meat dishes, it was mostly vegan. Collapse )

I'm really proud of this meal. H and I worked really hard on the menu, on researching the recipes, and on executing them. And it showed: I think everything homemade came out beyond our expectations (except that some of the pita was overbaked); the only disappointing bit was the store-bought tahini. The Gondi (which we made with ground turkey) will definitely be entering our regular rotation, and the baklava would except that it's not exactly the healthiest option. This was a meal worthy of the holiday.

And the "serves N" numbers on the recipes made us worry that there wouldn't be enough food, so we have four times as much leftover Shirin Polo (for example) as we actually ate this afternoon.