March 18th, 2011


In honor of the ACPT....

Decisions, decisions. It’s the ACPT and Purim on the same two days. I can’t be in two places at once... or can I?

Here is a miniature Siamese Twins puzzle (and why is it still OK for us to call them that?) celebrating the scheduling conflict. (And the answer to the question is: No, no I can't.)

Additional notes on the puzzle I just posted

• Don't be scared off by the reference to Purim or by the Hebrew version of the byline. Only one entry is actually about Purim, and you should be able to figure it out.

• For those who haven't seen a Siamese Twins puzzle before: this is a pair of miniature crossword puzzles that share clues. Collapse )

• I ran out of time trying to come up with a pair of grids that could work perfectly with the gimmick. If you have suggestions on how to improve either the grid or the clues, I'd love to hear them.