March 17th, 2011


What's it called?

In "Honesty", Billy Joel has a brilliant moment where the final syllable of one verse is also the first syllable of the refrain. "'cause you're the one that I depend up{on/Hon}esty...."

Surely there's a technical name for that. Anyone?

Elegy for the Thirteenth of Adar

Fifteen years ago, introverte and I spent two weeks visiting Israel. Purim is my favorite holiday, and it had long been my dream to be able to pull the "double Purim" trick of spending Purim proper in Tel Aviv, home of one of the largest Purim street festivals, and then heading back to Jerusalem in the afternoon and spending Shushan Purim in the Old City.

We had been planning to head to the Diezengoff Centre the afternoon before Purim to do some last-minute shopping, but instead decided to hang out at the hotel and rest. And it was while we were on the beach with friends that we heard the bomb. Instead of going to megillah reading, we huddled in our hotel room, terrified, crying, and reading megillah from a tanach instead of a klaf.

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