February 24th, 2011


"The King's Speech"

Heather and I went to one of those moving-picture thingies tonight and saw "The King's Speech." We enjoyed it, and no one out there really needs another review, but I just wanted to register that the music for this film was absolutely horrid. The inconsistent use of the Mozart was bad enough, the original music was overwrought, but when the British King is addressing the nation at the start of World War II, is it really the best choice to underscore with Beethoven, a German composer?

DOMA Defense

Y'know, as much as I agree that DOMA is unconstitutional, it worries me that the Executive Branch is making that decision. Obama doesn't have the right to a retroactive veto, and I don't think we want to relitigate Marbury v. Madison at this point.

Here's a thought experiment: In 2013, based on the DOMA precedent, newly-inaugurated President Huckabee announces that in his opinion, the Environmental Protection Act is an unconstitutional taking, violating the principle of just compensation for eminent domain and also violating the Interstate Commerce Clause, and that he has instructed the DoJ to not defend it. Two days later, the Koch brothers sue the Federal government....