February 21st, 2011


A LiveJournal post about links to the NYTimes site that will be linked from Facebook

Today's Times has an article about people blogging less and Facebooking more. Certainly that's true looking at my own circle of friends and acquaintances. Partly it's because the value of a social network to a user is proportional to the square of the number of that user's 'friends'. (I have about 130 on LiveJournal and 443 on Facebook.)

But analyzing my own post patterns, there are three kinds of posts I used to make here on LiveJournal that now end up on Facebook. The quick "life updates" are better off there, but the little jokes (like the one I made yesterday about the Tweetie of Ghent) are not as well archived there (and I'll probably shift back to blogging them here where they can be found again later), and most tellingly when I encounter an interesting link (such as the one with which I led this post) I'm much more likely to post it on FB than on LJ. But again, if it's a link that I might want to stumble across again in a few years, I should blog it here and not (just) link to it there.

This relates to another article in today's Times, about the death of print leading to the death of reader-scribbled marginalia. But blogs like this one, in posts like this one, are the equivalent. A future researcher who wants to study readers' reactions to Dirk Johnson's article can not only read the comments posted directly on the Times's site, but can search for links back to it.

That only works, however, if our reactions are in a blog whose time horizon is longer than the day or two that Facebook "stories" and Twitter "tweets" remain above the horizon. I, for one, will try to keep this in mind in the future as I post links and my reactions to them. You'll find my thoughts here --- and pointers to them on Facebook.