February 20th, 2011


The start of an essay I've been meaning to write for a while

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So now I don't have to write the essay. But I also now have a pithy way of summarizing that message:

In the halachic legal system, the will of God is represented by two separate yet equally important corpera: the bichtav, which provides the unchanging foundation texts, and the b'al peh, which applies them in each generation. These are their studies: Torah and Shas ("Law" and "Orders")

Panda #30 solving report

Yeah, it took me a month between when Panda issue #30 came out and when I downloaded it and started working on it. Life, Hunt, Work, and all that. But I'm glad I waited, because this past week was the first time I was relaxed enough to really be able to enjoy it, and enjoy it I did.

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Very nice, Foggy. I'm looking forward now to doing the "cool down" puzzles at the front of the issue, and perhaps next month I'll be able to start early enough to have a shot at the top-ten list.

And if any of you have been considering subscribing to Panda, let me recommend that you buy this issue. I expect you'll be hooked.