November 30th, 2010


First draft of a song for Chanukah

Very rough -- and normally I wouldn't post something this rough -- but Chanukah starts in less than 24 hours, and I'd like some feedback.

My first posting in this blog, five years ago, was about how most Jews who sing Maoz Tsur on Chanukah sing the wrong stanza. Well, over Thanksgiving weekend I started mulling over Yevanim Nikb'tzu Alai; Sunday night I wrote out what I had; and tonight I multitracked it. (I <3 my Zoom H4!)

So it's a rush job --- or, to be generous, it's a first draft. I didn't rehearse, so there are spots where the harmonies are missing, wrong, or even in one spot a complete train wreck. And there are spots where it needs editing. On the other hand, I just wrote and recorded a song in a few grabbed hours over a two-day period, and how cool is that?

So anyway, here it is (MP3, 2MB, 2min). What do you think?