October 26th, 2010


Huh. Who knew?

So I was planning to post the observation that the WGBH intro bumper music has aged incredibly well. Nearly forty years on, it still sounds modern and exciting and "what's next".

I wanted to find out when it was written, and started to search with Google. Didn't find an answer about when [although I should have just checked Wikipedia, which says it first appeared on the first episode of ZOOM in 1972!] --- but I was surprised to find that it was written by Gershon Kingsley, whose setting of "Se'u She'arim" I sang when I was with Zamir. (It's on our album, "Jewish Composers in America.")

So then I find his webpage and find that he's this incredibly prolific and successful composer. Go figure. Sometimes, I realize just how narrow my horizons are.