October 23rd, 2010


Games night

Last night over Shabbat dinner, Tani asked if we could have a "Shabbat games night" after dinner. The four of us played Uno and Blokus, and then Tani and I played chess. While he didn't win any of the games, he stayed cheerful throughout. (This is great progress; until recently, he hated playing games.) He also wanted to play Dominion but it had gotten too late. I think game nights will become a regular feature of our autumn and winter Shabbat evenings.

Talmud humor

I was catching up on Avodah Zarah today. This is the tractate that covers the laws regarding idolators. After two pages discussing the technical definition of a whore's fee, it shifted into a discussion of sending gifts to idolatrous friends on their festivals.

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