October 3rd, 2010



I was offline for 3 days for the holiday and Shabbat. (Simchat Torah was wonderful; my davening went very well, and I plan to write it up tomorrow.) Last night, as soon as Shabbat was over, we drove to NYC for my cousin's wedding this morning (which was also wonderful), and we're now finally back. I'm not going to catch up on four days of email and LiveJournal and FaceBook tonight. No, I'm going to bed - because we're going to a bat miztvah celebration at 8am tomorrow.

Whoever said "We should know only semachot (celebrations)" was short-sighted. We should know only semachot and sleep.

And in the meantime, if you've posted or emailed me anything of importance over the last few days, please feel free to bring it to my attention by responding to this post, or else please be patient; I expect to be caught up by Wednesday.