September 15th, 2010


(no subject)

I just sent the following rant off to WGBH/WCRB:

I'm writing because the first item on the WCRB 8am newsbreak got me so angry with you that I turned off my radio.

Go back and re-read it. Three sentences about the election, and not a single word that couldn't have been written and put in the can a month ago. With all the resources of the WGBH newsroom, you couldn't have come up with a single victor in all of New England?

I'm not expecting "Morning Edition" on WCRB, but I do expect the newsbreaks to actually contain news. You're better than that. You're the flagship of Public Radio. Please live up to the expectations of your listeners, members, and supporters.

  Andrew Greene
  WGBH Classical Club member since 1991