September 1st, 2010


We really IM this way

(Ripping off gnomi and mabfan's format...)

H: I just put chicken in a pot with water, salt, pepper, and onions.
A: Mmmmmmmm
A: She looks like she's enjoying herself....
A: ...sitting there in the nice warm water, with all the carrots and dumplings and things
A: ... and thinking 'Oh, the pleasure and happiness I'm going to give to a whole heap of people!'
H: Eating chicken is good!

(... and with thanks to Flanders and Swann.)

OK, let's give it a try

It's a bad bad bad bad bad idea. But let's see how it looks. This is a public post. Who's willing to comment and have the comment posted to Facebook? (My FB and LJ lives are already publicly linked.)