August 25th, 2010


End of an era

When I moved to Boston to go to school, over two decades ago, I of course subscribed to the New York Times.

For many years, I said that I'd never want to live someplace where I couldn't get the Metro Edition. By the time they reduced that radius, and introduced the New England Edition, I was willing to accept that because I could get the Metro Edition content on their website, and the character of New England wasn't changing.

Then they changed the page size, which makes the paper feel wrong and, worse, means that the subway fold no longer works right.

In recent years, I've become more and more reliant on When I sit down to breakfast with my morning paper, I find myself skipping over articles that I read the previous day or evening.

It's time to admit that getting the dead-tree edition has become merely a comfort object, a token of identity, but largely a waste of money. So I just reduced my subscription to "The Weekender" -- the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday papers, which I do still delve into in hardcopy.

But this means that on most days, I will not be starting the day with the Times on the table. And that saddens me.