August 16th, 2010


Book review - "Orthodox by Design"

I recently worked my way through "Orthodox by Design : Judaism, print politics, and the ArtScroll revolution" by Jeremy Stolow. And "worked my way through" is, alas, what it was.

Before I begin my review, though, let me sing the praises of Inter-Library Loan. This isn't the usual "log on to Minuteman and place a request for a book held by another library in the Minuteman system;" this is "send your local library an e-mail requesting a book that's not in the Minuteman system, and three days later you get an e-mail that they located a copy at XYZ College and it's already arrived at the local library for you to pick up."

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So it might be worth taking out of the library if you're in the ArtScroll target demographic and are willing to invest the time in slogging through it, but it's not going to light any fires under anyone and if you are already aware of the pro- and anti-ArtScroll arguments you could probably write much of the book yourself, although without the benefit of citations.

NYC update

We spent the weekend visiting my family in NYC, which was lovely. Family-centric details aren't of interest to most of you, so I won't bother blogging them.

I will talk about food, though. Of course.

We tried a new restaurant, "Carlos and Gabby's", which is a glatt kosher "Mexican" restaurant on Main St. between SuperSol and Queens College. It was pretty good, although you're certainly paying the "kosher premium".

Sushi Metsuyan seems to have settled down again; we enjoyed our food there very much. The waitress double-checked that we knew how spicy the Jamaican Jerk wings appetizer would be; I'd describe it as having a half-life of about five minutes. Whooo!

So that title...

OK, here's what I was aiming for: My post about Beethoven's seventh was titled "V", which is BEETHOVEN's seventh (i.e., the seventh letter of BEETHOVEN). I guess I've been doing "too many" cryptics lately.