June 14th, 2010


More siddur progress

Tonight I proofread another fourteen pages, including the tricky Pesach piyyut ברח דודי. Next up is the big block of הושענות, which will be even more painful.

I also made a major breakthrough with how I'm going to integrate the musical fragments for real.

Technobabble version: The toolchain that I wrote will sorta kinda act like an OPI server. For the text, I'll print from Davkawriter to Adobe PDF, then export the PDF into individual EPS files. For the music, I will clean up my various Finale files so that each of them can be directly exported as an entire page to EPS using Finale's "Graphics Tool". My Python script will iterate over all the pages from the text, stripping any images that are embedded there, and using a separate text data file to identify which, if any, of the music EPS files need to be overlaid on each text page -- along with placement, colorization (in CMYK of course), and cropping of the music files. The output of the Python script is a huge PostScript file which can then be resubmitted to Adobe Distiller to generate the final output.

I successfully ran this script over the first page, which has a single musical example. It took two hours to get the script just right, but now I know that the approach works, and for the first time since I started this project, I feel comfortable with the results of my graphics toolchain.

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