May 27th, 2010


I'm amused

According to Language Log, the Greeks have a sense of humor about their current crisis:

I believe that the usual word for "frog" in modern Greek is batrachos, but all of Greece is referring to the current batrachian horde with the Biblical word tzfardei'a.

ETA: Looks like this was an urban myth based on one newspaper source that may have gotten it wrong. Pity; it would have been a great story if true.


PSA: Spreading the word about a new phishing attack

"Tabnapping" is a new phishing technique. All you need to know in one sentence: If you go to a browser tab and it looks like Google or some other site has signed you out after inactivity, DON'T SIGN BACK IN ON THAT PAGE, but close that tab and open a FRESH one to sign in.

Details for the technically inclined are at along with a proof-of-concept implementation.

This is real, it's clever, and while I haven't heard of it being used for real yet, it was announced yesterday so by now I'm sure it's out there. Spread the word.