May 23rd, 2010


Yay Belkin!

Our next-door neighbors asked me recently for advice about how expensive and difficult it would be to set up "wireless internet" in their house. Since I was planning a Staples run anyway, I offered to simply buy a router for them and install it, figuring that would take less time than explaining. (And it's not like teaching a person to fish --- they're not going to install another hotspot for years, if ever.) I picked up the least-expensive 802.11n router, which was a Belkin for $50.

Long story short, I was very impressed that the Belkin routers now come preconfigured with a random WPA password, which is on a sticker on a card that slides into a recess on the bottom of the router so you don't forget where you filed it. Total setup time, from the time I broke the shrinkwrap until the laptop was online, was about ten minutes.