February 15th, 2010


KabShab has reached milestone 2

I just uploaded the latest files to the KabShab website. All movements have reached my second milestone!

This means that all ten movements have been broken out into six voices with lyrics properly assigned. What remains: a couple of simple editorial tasks (make sure dynamics and tempi are correctly notated, and that all lyrics are using the same font) and a pass to check the singability of each part (change that it's in range, has no awkward jumps, and that the syllables of the lyrics fall reasonably in the contrapuntal sections).

Let's hear it for long weekends! :-)

What's for dinner?

Tonight was my turn to cook, and I tried something new: Tah Deeg with Tomato Stew. (For those who care, this recipe is vegan/pareve; I served it accompanied by grilled chicken.) Recorded here for posterity (and so I can remember it next time.) Collapse )

Not too labor-intensive, and quite enjoyable. As I said, I just wish I'd made the rice spicier. Definitely going into the rotation!