February 11th, 2010


Broadband recommendations?

Last year, when the FCC mandated the analog->digital cutover, Comcast made a big deal about how we wouldn't have to do a thing because they were going to continue to provide analog signal.

Now they're pulling that plug. By the end of this month we need to get converter boxes (at no additional charge) from Comcast if we wish to continue to receive anything beyond the basic broadcast channels.

Well, if we need to go through that hassle anyway, it's time to look into our alternatives. Collapse )

So: Anyone out there have experiences, positive or negative, to share with us regarding Verizon Fios, RCN, or any other providers? Any corporate customer-relations departments who scan RSS feeds and who stumbled on this posting want to chime in and tell us why your service is best?

A cool trivia quiz

An LJ friend posted the following quiz in a friends-locked post. With his permission, I'm reproducing it here because it's SO COOL:

There were 42(*) men who served as president before Obama. Here are the number of days they spent in office:

4,422 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,922 2,865 2,840 2,728 2,040 2,027 1,886 1,654 1,503 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,460 1,430 1,419 1,262 1,036 969 895 881 491 199 31

Can you match 'em up? I especially like "1,460" (how'd that happen?). I'm also surprised that barely half the presidents were either "2,922" or "1,461".

(*) Here I'm counting Cleveland once, and anomalies such as Cheney serving as "acting president" (while G.W. Bush was incapacitated during an operation) not at all.

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