January 28th, 2010


The State of Andrew's Music

This week is Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song, and as has been my custom these past few years I use this week to take stock of my music-making.

Kabbalat Shabbat is fully composed, except for the editing. Collapse )

Pesukei d'Zimrah remains stalled. I'm starting to feel bad again about the prospect that it might never get performed, so once KabShab is done I hope to return to PDZ and get it rolling again.

Bible Bystanders is also stalled. That's got better prospects than PDZ, I suppose, so I should get back to it; I have some ideas that I haven't had time to flesh out. And my kids are soon going to be too old to appreciate it.

I am not singing. Well, I sing to myself, and I sometimes am shaliach tzibbur, but this year I haven't been taking voice lessons and I'm not in a chorus any more and I'm not in a small group. That sucks. Collapse )

And so, my fellow netizens, the State of Andrew's Music is mixed. I'm excited and proud about KabShab; I'm depressed about PDZ, Bystanders, and about not singing.