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Reminder: I have Sunday's NYTimes puzzle!

A reminder that this Sunday will be my NYTimes debut puzzle, in a 4-way collaboration.

Even if you're not a regular solver, I think this puzzle will be fun and not too difficult. I hope you'll give it a try and, more importantly, I hope you enjoy it.

As a memento of the occasion, I'm hoping to gather photographs of people solving the puzzle. (I'm used to performing in front of an audience; it's weird to realize that people across the country will be solving the puzzle but I won't be able to see them!) So if you happen to be at a Starbucks, say, with your cell phone camera, and can grab some snaps of folks working on the puzzle, I'd appreciate it! (I've set up a special email address for incoming messages about the puzzle: My first name dot nytpuz at my home domain, which is my last name properly spelled followed by the word "house" and ".com")
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